03 Nov The Simple Lunch Burger

I know when I am working hard, nothing hits the spot like a good cheese burger. You may realize I didn't use the phrase "old fashioned" because this burger isn't necessarily old fashioned. In fact it uses two ingredients that are hugely popular right now. Honestly I could give a shit about their popularity, I think they taste downright amazing.
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06 Aug Smart Light Therapy Alarm Clock

I present, the awkwardly named, Smart Light Therapy Alarm Clock!

(2001 music playing)

  This one kept me up until 4am writing notes and pouring ideas on to paper. I welcome improvements! I will of course be sharing my code/diagrams.

The Concept

A bedside alarm clock that is connected to the SmartThings zigbee network utilizing an Arduino Uno and the ST shield. It would not only be an input terminal for controlling other ST devices but be controlled by triggers from within the home.
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06 Aug Traffic Commute with Hue Bulbs and SmartThings

I wanted a chance to play around with GET and POST calls with SmartThings SmartApps. I was looking around for a simple API that wouldn't require a lot of setup and would give me a usable app in the end. I came up with a concept for visual commute information.  At a specified time in the morning, the SmartApp would start calling the traffic API and compare the actual commute time to the expected travel time if traffic did not exist. The user would set a threshold for no traffic, moderate traffic, and heavy traffic. If the time delta exceeds any of those thresholds, then the SmartApp changes the color of your Hue bulbs!
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