Smart Light Therapy Alarm Clock

06 Aug Smart Light Therapy Alarm Clock

I present, the awkwardly named, Smart Light Therapy Alarm Clock!

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This one kept me up until 4am writing notes and pouring ideas on to paper. I welcome improvements! I will of course be sharing my code/diagrams.

The Concept

A bedside alarm clock that is connected to the SmartThings zigbee network utilizing an Arduino Uno and the ST shield. It would not only be an input terminal for controlling other ST devices but be controlled by triggers from within the home.

Proposed Components

  1. Broken Philips HL3470 Wake Up Light – $17
  2. Arduino Uno – $25
  3. ThingShield – $35
  4. NeoPixel Ring – $10
  5. PIR Motion Sensor – $10
  6. Electret Microphone – $7
  7. Analog Light Sensor – $4
  8. DC/DC Step-Down Converter – $10
  9. N-channel power MOSFET (3) – $6
  10. RGB 5050 Strip Kit – $22
  11. Temperature Sensor – $4
    Total: ~ $150

Proposed Capabilities

  1. Mimic the original function of the “wake up alarm clock” by having basic alarm clock functionality that slowly increases the light as you near the alarm time. Tie into existing snooze button.
  2. With an RGB light ring instead of halogen bulb, it would put you to sleep with more amber light at night that slowly dims, and the wake up light would be more of a blue hue to wake you up. (Blue/Amber light therapy)
  3. Has motion sensor that can detect your movement in bed and wake you up or put you to sleep based on movment.
  4. Has a speaker to wake you up at alarm time if you dont wake up based on light.
  5. 30 minutes before the alarm time (or your own threshold) it could turn on any ST switch or set any ST thermostat. For my application it would turn on the heater and my radiant flooring.
  6. Has external control of RGB strip lighting. Mine will go under the bed frame.
  7. Based on mode, if a motion or door sensor is triggered, it would make a sound and change LEDs to desired color. Mine will turn red if someone breaks into the house in night mode, and amber if someone breaks into my shed.
  8. Utilizing the microphone, you can give it sound commands (clapping) to enter different modes or “scenes”. Like an intimate color scene of bedroom lights set to 15% and LED’s to deep purple when you clap 3 times.
  9. Temperature sensor would give basic temperature reporting of the room to ST.

Thoughts on Future Extensibility

  1. A replacement LCD screen that would display weather data when the alarm goes off.
  2. wave sensor for gesture control of scenes.
  3. Ambient light sensor could be tied to other actions.
  4. so much more…

What I Have So Far

Here is the start of a breadboard layout. Ill have code examples on git pretty soon.

Alarm Clock Fritzing File


//Amazing code coming soon!
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